Saturday, March 21, 2015

Silver Spring Noms

I often engage in conversation with friends over what location has the greater food options in our favorite DC Metro food areas: Downtown Silver Spring/Wheaton area, Rockville Pike, or Bailey's Crossroads/Skyline in Virginia. While my old neighborhood Skyline in Falls Church has some of my personal favorite longstanding staples such as Gourmet Peking Inn, Duangrat's, and Mark's Duck House, Rockville Pike has La Limeña, A&J Restaurant, and Bob's Shanghai 66. We have Ren's Ramen, Oriental East, Thai Taste, Kantutas, The Big Greek Cafe, and Quarry House's Old Bay Tater Tots. Will there ever be a clear cut winning neighborhood? I'm not sure. But we'll certainly keep on eating our way through our disputations.

We are so lucky and we know it. Having tons of options from many parts of the world right at our fingertips is one of the biggest perks of living in Silver Spring. Here are some of my favorite neighborhood noms:

This might be the number one seed in our neighborhood. Pastrami Sandwich & Fries from Urban Butcher in DTSS.

Don't sleep on formerly Ray's the Classics. While you can't find the burger in the fancy pants section of the restaurant, you can get it at their café. The Classic Burger, Spicy Diablo Style from The Classics in DTSS.

Talk about bang for your buck. This is the meal that keeps on giving. You can have leftover lunch for days. Silpancho & Empanadas from Kantutas in Wheaton.

This is my go to at BurgerFi in DTSS. BurgerFi Burger & Urban Fries.

 Year of the Ox (beef, celery, red onion - fried) at NaiNai's Noodle & Dumpling Bar in DTSS.

Never too crowded and great price point. Tacos de Carne from Rios Taqueria y Pupuseria in Wheaton.

If they were open past 8:30pm I'd be 20 pounds heavier. Banana & Nutella Crepe from Fenton Cafe in DTSS.

Always interesting and friendly characters from the neighborhood in this establishment. Carne Guisada con Arroz y Habichuelas (Stew Meat with Rice & Beans) from La Fonda Paisa in DTSS.

Ok...this isn't Silver Spring but it was SO good that I couldn't exclude this brunch menu dish in Takoma Park. The Trancapecho from Republic.

The Elevation Burger in Wheaton.

What a great menu cover. This delicious Pho is from Lotus Cafe in DTSS.

Margherita Pizza is from Pacci's.

You can't go wrong with the cheese pizza from Mamma Lucia's in DTSS.

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  1. Can't forget Seoul Food DC in Wheaton.