Saturday, September 13, 2014

New Food Truck in Town

There's a new food truck in town offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Fajita Sub Factory is open Monday through Friday from 8am - 8pm with Saturdays hopefully coming soon in the near future. Most recently sighted at the Gulf gas station on Colesville and Georgia, the food truck has been around for about three months. They plan to stick around in the neighborhood as they work on sorting out the kinks of starting a new business.

Formerly the owner of Al Carbon in Rockville, MD, Milvia Calvit's previous venture was featured in Washingtonian's Cheap Eats back in 2009. After selling the restaurant, the native Venezuelan took some time to travel to Italy (from where her grandmother hails), to learn to hand make pasta from scratch. That was the inspiration for the other half of the food truck, coming soon, Pasta Olivia. I'm really excited about that, since there aren't many (are there any?) restaurants in our neighborhood make pasta from scratch.

Back to Fajita Sub Factory, the part of the food truck that's already open, they feature a variety of latin cuisine. Although she's Venezuelan, she emphasize that what she sells is inspired by various regions of latin cuisine and her specialty is homemade. For example, her hot sauce is only her recipe and can't be found anywhere else. Items you can find for lunch and dinner are tacos, fajita sub on white or wheat, salad bowl, or fajita bowls. Your fillings consist of steak, chicken, ceviche, or veggie. You can also get arepas with various fillings to include imported cheese "queso de mano" from Venezuela in addition to homemade ice cream for desert. For breakfast you can scoop up what she calls a "corn bagel," which is basically an arepa stuffed with your choice of scrambled eggs, beans, ham, turkey, cheese, and avocado, $.50 each or homemade yogurt topped with strawberry, pineapple, or mango. For desert or that 3pm sweet tooth craving, scoop up smoothies or milkshakes in various flavors.

The website is coming soon.  Check back soon for updates.