Thursday, February 13, 2014

What's Next for United Therapeutics?

United Therapeutics is en route to expand to its fourth building. The location is the garage over by Spring and Colesville, and they are converting it into a state of the art “green” facility to include numerous amenities for their employees and the public to use. This will allow for a 50 EUI (Energy Use Intensity) reduction in energy usage for the building. Construction won't begin until 2015, but it’s great to know this is on its way.

Some of the amenities includes a good size swimming pool and roof terrace/gardening to host events for their employees. I wonder if they’d consider some type of membership for local resident to use the pool as well.

rendering of the building (Spring & Colesville)

A very cool amenity that is part of the public plaza plan, is the solar powered and interactive pavers that when walked on, they provide power. There will also be solar powered cell phone charging stations. Does this mean that once the sun has set, if you need a charge, you’ll have to do the running man on the pavers so that you can make that phone call? I sure hope so... 

This will also include retail space and each business will receive an allocation of power via meter. I would assume this rules out hair salons and restaurants, but I could see possibly a small coffee corner, clothing shop, etc.

The rooftop Unither Employee Garden will be a great asset for employee retention, and they are hoping to allow for a garden plot for each employee in addition to a Master Gardener. It will include tables as well and their hope is that the employees who live nearby will be able to tend their garden even on the weekends. There will also be a catering area on the rooftop for events.

They don’t actually own the garage just yet, as they are awaiting permits/approvals and they have not yet settled. Hopefully MoCo is cooperative and poses little to no blocks on this. They are looking at a 22 – 24 month construction period starting 2015.

United Therapeutics Corporation
1104 Spring Street 


  1. This will be an amazing gateway building as you come into dtss from 29. Talk about a huge improvement over the largely-condemned parking garage. UniTher recently had a largely unexpected FDA approval come down the chute so hopefully their good growth/finances mean this expansion is a done deal. The only hiccup I can foresee might be a largely drug co. buying out UT and stripping it. I'd seriously be beyond upset if that were to ever happen. UT is cool from top to bottom; from the story of their CEO, to their buildings, to their community support.

  2. Totally agree with the above comments re: UT. MoCo better move heaven and earth to accommodate them. Also, not entirely certain but I think Twin Towers sells a pool pass for their rooftop pool to nonresidents. It's not anything too spectacular, but decent views, fresh air and cold water.

  3. They are a great company. I bet they have good employee retention from all the cool employee perks. I can't foresee MoCo putting the kabash on this. It's a huge benefit for the county and as they grow, they will continue to hire. Thanks for the tip on the Twin Towers - I had no idea. I'll check on that closer to the spring/summer.