Saturday, February 23, 2013


I know I’ve been slacking in the blogosphere for the past few months and that’s mainly due to my quasi hibernation in these winter months. Due to the weather as well, I've been relying more on delivery than I'd like to admit.

One of the things I love most about the Downtown Silver Spring are the international food options ranging in prices. Another great thing about this area is how everything is close, convenient, and easy to get to. That being said, if you’re not up for walking or venturing out on these cold and wintry rainy days and you’re just not ready to relinquish your squishy comfy couch, here are a few options for delivery:

Jimmy John's. “Gourmet Sandwiches.” You can order online and their website is really easy to navigate through. You can customize your sandwiches just how you like them. The only downside to their menu is that they don't offer warm sandwiches (so you won't go here to get a steak & cheese). Delivery is usually on a bike and they sandwiches are good. They close at 10pm.

CapMac. As per their Twitter feed, @CapMac is now delivering to Silver Spring. They deliver delicious mac & cheese from their food truck straight to your door. I had their Classic Mac & Cheese for lunch once and it was hearty and delicious. My favorite parts were the crumbled cheez-its on top and that it was $6. Check out their delivery menu from their FB page. Their hours state they are operating from from 5pm-9pm Mon-Thursday. 5pm-10pm Fri-Sunday. Note - they may still be cash only but this might be worth double checking with them, since that is something that can change any day.

Spring Garden. Ordering is really easy. You can do it directly from their Eat24 link on their website Once you set up your account, it takes seconds to re-order for future orders. They are accurate and consistent and best of all, they deliver sushi! Don't know how they keep it so fresh but it tastes great when it arrives. Minimum delivery $12.

Charm Thai. By far my favorite Thai restaurant in DTSS. Their ingredients are always quality and fresh and they really take pride in their food. They have a great menu. The dumplings and the curry puff are great. The crispy duck is outstanding. You can't get a bad dish here. Minimum delivery $15.

Soupergirl. In a nutshell, they are a local soup company based out of DC and they bring homemade kosher soup to your door. So, next time you decide you want to have soup (but not right away - it's for that following week delivery), this is the place to go. They have 52 reviews on Yelp with 4 stars. This is the deal: you have to place your order by Thursdays at 6pm to get your soup delivery that following week. Delivery for Silver Spring is on Tuesdays only alongside Potomac, North Bethesda, Shepherd Park, Takoma Park, Kemp Mill and Kensington from 1:30pm - 4:30pm. If you can't take a half day off work for your soup delivery, they have pick up locations and one includes Moorenko's on Georgia Avenue Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Ghar-E-Kabab. Indian and Nepalese cuisine. You can order by calling in to 301 587 4427 or via the Eat24 website. The food is good but pricey. For example, the Ghar-E-Kabab special with chicken, lamb, and shrimp will run you $26.99.

Flippin' Pizza. NY style pizza. You can order easily directly on their website. I've ordered from there once and never had any issues. They were prompt and we got exactly what we ordered. However, this Yelp reviewer mentioned they were really literal on their website when you order. So basically if you want cheese on your pizza, you have to select it (and not assume it comes on it). Perhaps keep that in mind when ordering and call in if you have any questions.

Andy's Restaurant. This is another easy to order online place, however, the options are plentiful and you can order the world. If you're ever craving General Tso, a cheeseburger, and a fish fillet with a side of crab cakes, wings, and gyros, this is your go-to. Oh, and they deliver coffee too with a ham and egg sandwich.

Angelico. They have a pretty decent menu and they deliver more than just pizza. The menu includes pastas, gyros, sandwiches, and rolls with a great list of appetizers. They are always consistent and timely. Great customer service!

Armand's. Deep Dish style pizza. You have to call in for your order: 301-588-3400. Good for when you have lots of people over since it's so filling and sometimes delicious (hit or miss).

Kao Thai. They feature a menu with lots of options as well as vegetarian dishes. $20 minimum. Friday & Saturday until 10pm. All other days until 9:30pm. 

Jerry's Subs & Pizza. Jerry's finally delivers. You can order through their online menu

As painful as it be and it breaks my heart, Urban BBQ is no longer delivering to our area.

In addition, last time I was in Taqueria Distrito Federal (who has yet to update their website to add the Silver Spring location), they mentioned they were working on getting delivery in the very near future.

I know there are options I’m missing so please feel free to chime in with comments or any suggestions that are MUST haves for this list!