Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Right at Home with Mexican Spanish Tapas

I had a chance to catch up with Jaime Jorto, one of the four owners of La Malinche, set to open on Colesville Road within the next few weeks. They don't have a set date yet, but they know it will definitely be before Christmas.

"La Malinche," fittingly named for the marriage of the cuisine the restaurant will feature, is termed after an Aztec legend for a woman from Mexico who played a role in the Spanish conquest of Mexico. Wiki legend has it she was Hernán Cortés' lover and that she gave birth to his first son, Martín, who was considered one of the first "Mestizos" (European and Indigenous American mixed baby), hence combining two fabulous cultures to form a tapas style restaurant.

I peeked into their dining room and it's looks good; tables are out, the bar is set, and it looks like they are just working on last minute details, artwork, etc. I did ask to peruse the menu and featured items but they are still making changes to it, so unfortunately I don't have much to report regarding what we can expect to chow down on.

They have a website up but it's not fully functional just yet. However, there's a picture of a nice looking slice of what appears to be prosciutto and cheese to whet our appetites. In my mind, there's an Iberian black hoof pig just chillin back in the kitchen waiting for his place in the sun. Obviously, since I don't have the menu, that's solely speculation and my wishful desire.

Jaime sounded really excited to be in Downtown Silver Spring. We're happy to have this new and unique restaurant in DTSS. I think it will fit in perfectly in our multicultural neighborhood.

La Malinche
8622 Colesville Road


  1. Hope this place is good! Was kinda disappointed they didn't replace the awning (just replaced the lettering), but obviously that's nitpicking. I'm sure they'll succeed if the food's good.

  2. Those are 2 of my favorite cuisines. Hopefully they will keep it to good simple ingredients and keep the menu concise. You can't go wrong with that!

  3. I spoke to a woman outside the front door the other day (an employee) who told me this was the owners' first restaurant (I asked if they had any others). I really hope they do a good job because there is a lot of pent up demand for it in DTSS. They did already violate the first rule of marketing: NEVER make your Web site live until it is ready or at least has enough info to keep visitors wanting to return or receive updates. And, like another commenter mentioned they kept the old canopy, missing a great opportunity to replace it and say "hey, something new here!". Hopefully these two things will be be the ony things amateur about this restaurant. I want then to knock it out of the ballpark and wish them the best of luck. The local blogosphere and Yelpers will be brutal on them if they aren't good. Just look at Fire Station 1.

  4. Banner/sign out front tonight said "Open".