Friday, June 29, 2012


Friday Hodgepodge:

Jackie's will now be doing wine tastings for $30/person every other Wednesday. This started on June 27, so the next one will be July 11. You get to sample 4 different wines from their focus region that day. If you stay for dinner, you get 15% off your check. They recommend making reservations. Follow them on Facebook to keep current with their updates. 
8081 Georgia Avenue

Just Up The Pike tweeted about the new "street smart" walk score earlier on this week. The Walk Score for Downtown Silver Spring is 97 - Walker's Paradise. That's as good as it's going to get for a suburb! 

The Crowne Plaza transformation into a Sheraton is almost complete. Grand Opening is scheduled for July 12. I saw them working on the new restaurant on the first floor so we'll see anything good comes from that. Looks like they didn't really give the exterior a much needed face lift. 

Eat 24 has been such a great and reliable service for delivery that I want to shout it to the mountain tops. Depending on the restaurant, there may be no delivery fee and in addition, also depending on the restaurant, you may get a credit every time you place an order. For example, if you select to order from Spring Garden (16th street location), there's a 5% cash coupon and no delivery fee. You can also tip on the website and they will save your order for next time to make it so convenient that you can literally re-order your meal in 4 seconds. Urban Bar-B-Que will deliver to Downtown Silver Spring but there's a hefty $4 delivery fee. Ben & Jerry's City Place will deliver as well but that one's $6.99 for delivery. 

Why is The Fillmore charging $10 for parking in the evenings? There are various parking garages just a few blocks away for free after 6pm. The sign I saw on Georgia for an outdoor parking lot by the Lee Building on Georgia and Colesville said "Fillmore Parking, $10" and they had conned 6 cars.

Over The Line Festival (Music, Theater, and Dance) at the Round House Theatre coming July 12 - 29. I'll have a more in depth blog post on this coming soon so please check back!

The Downtown Silver Spring Summer Concert Series is running all summer long every other Saturday on the Silver Plaza from 6 - 8pm. Silver Plaza is on Ellsworth Drive between Fenton Street and Georgia Avenue.

I couldn't find much going on in DTSS for 4th of July, but I did find the 123rd celebration for Takoma Park 4th of July Parade & Fireworks. If you hear anything for DTSS, please send it my way!

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  1. I saw that $10 parking sign with empty meters right next to it (around 7pm).