Saturday, June 10, 2017


This blog is (obviously) inactive for the time being. A new job and a little one have been taking most of my time the past couple of years. I still plan to pop back in from time to time but for now, please follow me on Twitter (MyLineIsRed) where I continue to be active. If you are a local restaurant/shop or you're promoting a local event in Downtown Silver Spring, feel free to @ me on Twitter and I will do my best to retweet and get the word out. Send me your restaurant menus and events info and I'll tweet it to your heart's desire.

I also have many ideas for a DTSS website/blog in the future that I am hoping to get to one day or possibly collaborate with others in the area. Until then, see you on Twitter and around the way.

I leave you with my favorite version of Goodnight Moon with a DTSS twist...

Goodnight Moon, goodnight Downtown Silver Spring

Goodnight Russian Roulette sushi roll from Sushi Jin

Good night performers at Veteran's plaza

Goodnight flying mushrooms from Hibachi at Masa

Goodnight Fenton Cafe Nutella crepe, goodnight Moorenko's gummy ice cream cone

Goodnight Ellsworth and the guy on the trombone

Goodnight chipmunks, goodnight deer

Goodnight Denizen's garden of beer

Goodnight Pennyworth and your cute $5 blouse

Goodnight Woodside Park and the Maryland flag house

Goodnight comb and goodnight brush, goodnight new metro train and the red line rush

And goodnight to the old man asking for a quarter

And the kids jumping at the fountain in the water

Goodnight stars, goodnight air

Goodnight siren noises everywhere